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Providing Comprehensive Family Law Services

The Law Office of Myla G. Mayberry is a full service family law firm serving clients throughout Longview, Tyler, Marshall and all of East Texas. Attorney Myla Mayberry has practiced law since 1988. She and her experienced staff work together to help people from all walks of life across a wide range of family law matter.

Responding To All Concerns And Finding Resolutions To Problems

We take great pride in giving our clients informative legal counsel. Our firm will listen to your concerns. When we have a full understanding of your problems, we will then outline your potential options in plain English. We believe our clients should have an understanding about the legal process and how it will impact their lives. We represent people going through every kind of family legal matter, including:

  • Family law: Our law firm represents clients in paternity, adoption, child protective services cases, prenuptial agreements and all family law matters.
  • Divorce: The way in which your divorce is resolved will have a major impact on your relationship with your children and your finances. We will help you resolve child support, property and debt division, child custody and spousal support matters. We also help our clients modify the terms of divorce decrees after a divorce has been finalized.
  • Child custody: Child custody and visitation matters can be very difficult. You need a lawyer who understands what you can expect in any child custody dispute and can help you prepare for your future. We also represent parents in relocation disputes.

In addition to family law, our law firm also represents individuals in certain personal injury and criminal defense matters.

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Call or email our law firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced, skilled family law attorney. We offer discounts to members of the U.S. armed forces who are going through divorce.